Naruto Senki Game For PC Download

Naruto Senki is a Action game developed by a fan of Naruto, which offers a unique retro-style animation in the with nostalgic tint, giving it a unique flavor of its own.. If you loved playing Naruto Senki APK on your android that we previously shared and now wants to play it on your Desktop then you are in the right place because today I am going to be sharing ways to play Naruto Senki game on your windows desktop for free.

Naruto is one of the most popular anime series created by the mangaka Masashi Kishimoto. He released Naruto in manga form in the 2000s, and it received an anime adaptation in 2002. This series is famous for its unique portrayal of characters and its deep storytelling. Furthermore, even the stories of villains are well written. The anime shows us why villains are doing the bad things the mangaka has well explained their past which led them to become bad. Because of the Naruto Anime being so good it got very popular and the franchise is worth billions of Dollars there are many official games available for this particular IP. There is a lot that goes into the making of such story line. It is a whole ecosystem of its own at this point. A lot of indie-developers are also diving in on the Naruto bandwagon with products of their own.

What Is Naruto Senki ?

Naruto Senki is based on OG Naruto your selected characters can perform every ability which the character has in the original serious, For example one of the most iconic technique of Naruto is the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Your character in the game can also perform this technique. Jutsu in Naruto Is their Fantasy powers which is performed by their Chakra. The chakra is the source of energy in the Naruto verse. You can also perform various Jutsus in the game of your favorite character

Features of Naruto Senki Game

We think that this broadening of creators from official to indie has opened door for innovation. It is a net positive for the fandom. Naruto Senki validates this point as it has resonated with its core players just the way a great official game would have. Now, the IP owners can take notes into improving/innovating products of their own to cater to customer demands.

An intricate controlling mechanism hovers the main screen as you climb up the ranks. These controls were initially brought up to serve the core game purpose and have been constantly under development ever since. One can explain their needs if there be any with regards to the gameplay controls, and odds are there for it to be get picked by the developers for the next update.

The game features some really immersive gameplay along with a retro-esque

  1. Firstly, download BlueStacks.
  2. After downloading, install it on your PC.
  3. Once installed, Naruto Senki APK File file to your system.
  4. Open BlueStacks and run the bluestacks.exe file.
  5. From the menu, click on the APK icon button.
  6. Now Select the APK File of the game
  7. BlueStacks will now install the APK on your computer.
  8. Finally, enjoy Naruto Senki on your PC.

If you do not want to play it on emulator then you can checkout there you can find Naruto Senki online player and play this game without downloading anything on your computer.


So that’s all for this article on how to play Naruto Senki on PC if you liked it then please share it with your fellow gamers so they can also enjoy playing this amazing retro style Naruto game on their PC. If you are an Naruto fan then this game is going to give you lots of Nostalgia because of the way it is designed and optimized. This game was created by a naruto fan and it is not an official game. If you are facing any problem in running Naruto senki on your PC then let us know in the comment box below we will solve your problem asap.

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