Naruto Senki APK

Naruto Senki APK is a mobile game made by a Naruto Fan for Android devices, offering an immersive experience with iconic Naruto characters in dynamic battles and engaging gameplay

Version: 2.1.6e | Size: 158 MB

Naruto is one of the most popular Animated series created by Masashi Kishimoto in Japan and it is famous worldwide, If you are interested in playing an android game of this anime then you are in the right place because today we are going to present you with an amazing game called Naruto Senki APK. From here you can download the latest version of all characters unlocked Naruto Senki APK file for your android device.

What Is Naruto Senki Android Game?

Naruto Senki is based on OG Naruto your selected characters can perform every ability which the character has in the original serious, For example one of the most iconic technique of Naruto is the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Your character in the game can also perform this technique.

Those who have not watched Naruto might be wondering what is a Jutsu. It is basically their super power fantasy Techniques, And to do a Jutsu the characters in Naruto need Chakra it is basically the source of their power. For example in Dragon Ball series the characters needs Ki similarly the power source in Naruto is Chakra.

Everyone in the Naruto World is born with chakra and the powerful characters have good mastery over their chakra control. Naruto in the beginning did not had good control over his chakra but as the series progressed he mastered his chakra control through hardwork and dedication and became the most powerful in the world.

Why Players Love Naruto Senki?

Naruto Senki is loved by mobile gamers worldwide because of its exceptional character variety and the unique ability to summon the tailed beasts.

with the help of this game you can step into the shoes of your beloved ninjas from the Naruto universe, each equipped with distinctive abilities and jutsus. This diversity ensures that every match is unpredictable and filled with strategic depth.

Furthermore the feature of being able to summon your favorite tailed beasts makes the game thrilling, allowing for dynamic battles that keep players engaged and constantly testing new strategies.

Features of Naruto Senki APK

Naruto Senki is a fan made game so there are many amazing features available on this game which is loved by the Naruto Lovers. If you also liked the Naruto anime series then you are definitely going to find these features exciting. You can checkout some official games list here.

Naruto Senki Screenshots

Characters in Naruto Senki Android APK

One of the greatest thing about Naruto Series is that the side characters are treated well when it comes to displaying their story. Naruto series is filled with multiple characters back stories even tough they are not the main character. This is why the side characters in this series got many fans. The fans of this series are attached with side characters because of the way they are written, fans feels emotionally connected with the Characters of this series. That is why in Naruto Senki APK you are going to find lots of characters so you can chose your favorite character and play as them in Naruto Senki.

Uzumaki Naruto

He is the main character of the series so he is obviously going to be one of the character of this game, Naruto is someone who has got lots of chakra and he is very powerful when it comes to strength. You can use his Jutsu Rasengan and shadow clones in the game.

Uchiha Sasuke

He is gifted with supreme blood because he is from Uchiha clan which is famous for their amazing powers, Sasuke knows lots of Jutsus one of them being Chidori. He also has Sharingan which is his Doujutsu.

Sakura Haruno

She is often referred as useless by fans because she does not contribute towards her team but she still got many fans if you like to play as her then go ahead.

Hatake Kakashi

This character knows over a thousand Jutsu he is known as The Copy Ninja because of his Sharingan. Even tough he does not belongs to the Uchiha Clan he still has an Sharingan.

Uchiha Itachi

Itachi is the most Smartest character in the series with lots of combat and visual skills, He has got the Mangekyou Sharingan which can be used by you when you chose him as the character. There are lot more characters in the game which you can chose while playing.

How To Download & Install Naruto Senki APK

If you want to download this game on your pc then head over to this post.


So guys, that’s all on Naruto Senki Android APK. If you love the Naruto series, then you must download Naruto Senki today on your Android smartphone because this game is going to give you lots of nostalgia, as the graphics of the Naruto Senki game are based on retro styling. You will be reminded of the times when you initially started watching this series. If you are facing any issues regarding installing Naruto Senki Game on your Android smartphone, then do let us know in the comment box below. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible

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