Best Naruto Games To Play On Android

If You are a Naruto Fan then this article is for you because today I am going to be sharing some of the amazing Naruto Games which are available for android for free. You can Download these games and start playing to today and remind your self of Naruto series. With the help of these games you will be reminded again that how amazing the Naruto Series Was. Naruto is famous for portraying their characters very well. The anime shows us why villains are doing the bad things the mangaka has well explained their past which led them to become bad.

Because of the Naruto Anime being so good it got very popular and the franchise is worth billions of Dollars there are many official games available for this series. And today we will talk about some of those games which you can start playing on your android device today. The Games which I am going to share have amazing graphics and controls. These games does not have any fancy requirements in android. Almost every android phone can run these games.

Naruto Anime’s enduring popularity has made the franchise to release lots of games there are unofficial fan made games too, each offers a unique spin on the Naruto series. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best Naruto games available on Android. From action-based to amazing roleplaying, these games showcase the diversity and creativity of the Naruto universe. Whether you’re remembering classic moments from the series or forging your own path as a ninja, these games promise lots of entertainment and excitement.

Best Naruto Games For Android

The Naruto Anime & mange is known for it’s amazing unique way of story telling and the development of not only Naruto but side characters too. From the amazing narratives to the well-written villains, the anime has left an indelible mark on fans all over the world. Through these games, you’ll have the chance to get deeper knowledge about the verse. Whether you’re exploring the Konoha Village or confronting formidable foes, each game captures the essence of the Naruto universe with stunning fidelity.

If you’re a Naruto fan, playing these games isn’t just about remembering good times. It’s about going deep into a world that captures what makes Naruto special. Whether you already know everything about Naruto or just starting out in the Hidden Leaf Village, these games let you experience the friendship, determination, and bravery that define the series. Get ready for exciting adventures, make strong bonds, and embrace your inner shinobi as you explore the awesome universe of Naruto.


If You also like the sequel to Naruto which is Boruto then this game is for you because it has both the cast of Naruto & Boruto. This is the most popular Naruto game for android available for free to download. The best thing about this game is that it comes with all of the famous characters from the NARUTO and BORUTO universe including Naruto himself. There are numerous shinobis from the universe that you can select and build a team.

Boruto has lots of amazing powers because of his Otsutsuki & Uzumaki + Hyuga Genes. You can use those powers in this game. Download this game from here.

#2 Naruto Senki APK

If you are into more Old kind of vibes and animation then this game is for you because it is a fan made game with the style from old days of Naruto. Naruto Senki APK is one of the greatest game to remind yourself of how great Naruto Anime is. Naruto Senki APK is a mobile game made by a Naruto Fan for Android devices, offering an immersive experience with iconic Naruto characters in dynamic battles and engaging gameplay. You can also use play this Naruto Senki On PC

#3 Ninja Assemble – Rebirth Mania

Gather great, amazing and brave ninjas from all over the world. The ninjas practice everyday to face evil enemies and protect themselves. This game is a free 3D fighting game based on the concept of “ninjutsu”, a branch of martial arts that combines physical skills, spiritual knowledge, and the arts of the ninja. If you have watched the SD Rock Lee Anime then you are going to like this game because the character designs are similar which is Chibi Style.

#4 Naruto: Ultimate Storm Apk

Experience the world of Naruto like never before with the new and improved Ultimate Storm Android app! This action-packed game brings all your favourite characters from Naruto You can download the APK of this game from Any APK website.

#5 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

This game is a fast-paced, action-packed, and adventurous game. It revolves around the popular anime series Naruto Shippuden. The game features most of the characters from the anime, including Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and more. You need to download PSP emulator APK in order to play this game. Ultimate Ninja Impact is one of the greatest Naruto Game to play on your android phone.


If you are a Naruto fan then you should definitely give these games a try I have shared some of the best Naruto games which you can currently play on your android device here. If you know any game which should be on this list then let us know in the comment box we will update this list. And if you are facing any issues regarding downloading these games onĀ  your phone then let us know we will solve your issue as soon as possible.

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